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eCore Energy
Whether you're generating kilowatts, megawatts, or gigawatts, you need energy storage and management tools that you can trust. eCore Energy systems offer the highest level of efficiency, security and transparency on the energy market.

eCore systems provide top tier renewable energy storage, load balancing, scalable energy on demand, and a completely uninterruptible backup power supply for any size facility. Equipped with an impressive seven layers of safety features, eCore systems have all the benefits of Lithium-ion technology with none of the old complications.
Intelligent. Integrated. Interactive. This is eCore.

Offices buildings and factories require steady, affordable power around the clock. eCore systems guarantee that energy supply always meets demand. From communications towers to country homes, an eCore Energy storage system insures that being off-the-grid doesn't mean being off the map.

Municipal Utilities:
City leaders must maintain a reliable, balanced power supply. eCore Energy systems help them make the smart grid a whole lot smarter.

Film Industry:
When integrated into cameras, lights, and sound equipment, eCore systems shave pounds off of essential gear and increase run times by hours. With stand alone portable and quiet power systems created with eCore, the location shoot becomes significantly easier.

Have you developed high-tech equipment that uses low-tech batteries? Let eCore Energy solutions provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.
Future Largest Building in the World 
Powered by Solar Energy
Solar Power Home - Hollywood, California

eCore EnergySustainable SolutionsTechnology PartnersVisionary LeadershipConnect with eCore