Sustainable technologies are evolving, and eCore recognized that, in order to provide each Customer with a complete and reliable solution to their particular problem, we needed to develop relationships with other emerging technology companies. This facilitates collaboration on the design and engineering of a Total Sustainable Solution for each Customer.  

eCore Energy is extremely blessed to have over ten Strategic Alliances and Partners, with all of them wanting to “team together” to create unique and revolutionary solutions for their Customers. A few are listed below.
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eCore Energy
AgriSolar - A patented Pest Elimination and Control technology, approved by the U.S. Agricultural Department and EPA, it eradicates pests, insects and mosquitoes organically from farms, fields, and open spaces. Each Unit operates using a CRU GI Solar Panel, coupled with eCore’s long lasting Storage (battery) and Management Solution.

PRiMOWIND - An innovative Wind Generating Technology Company that has committed to purchasing eCore’s Energy Storage Solutions for each of its Wind Generators. PRiMOWIND produces “bird friendly” commercial and rooftop renewable generation technology that can be integrated with other Clean and Green technologies in order to provide each Customer with the “right” Solution.

ECO-GEN - A “Fueless” renewable energy generator that utilizes eCore’s revolutionary CoreFlow™ battery technology, whereby each generator will produce 60 KW of renewable AC energy 24/7 without overheating, and is scalable to meet every Customer’s demand.

CRU Global Innovations (CRU GI) - CRU GI A highly efficient and affordable Printed Light, Printed Battery and Solar “Nano” Technology that will revolutionize the Solar industry, increasing Daily Solar Generation (“DSG”) three (3x) fold while reducing the environmental footprint five (5x) fold over today’s PV Solar technology. The NanoGen Solar Panel, coupled with eCore’s Storage and Management Solutions, allows eCore to design and engineer “Net Zero” Energy Solutions for commercial, industrial and residential Customers worldwide.

Delta Energy and Communications - A Utility Grid Software Analytics company that can solve a Utility’s energy “theft” problems, which is a $200B a year market. Also, due to Delta’s generosity, its Customers will also receive “at no cost” sustainable micro-grid solutions through a Strategic Partnership with eCore Energy (valued at 10% of the Customer’s Contract).

Sustainable Energy Consultants - A subsidiary of eCore Energy that provides consulting, design and engineering services for distributive sustainable architecture that utilizes eCore’s Strategic Partner’s innovative technologies, as well as eCore’s patented Energy Storage and Management Technology.

eCore Energy™ prides itself in developing synergistic strategic relationships with other companies that have revolutionary and proprietary technologies - and who are excited to share in eCore’s vision and belief that what Customers really want is a “total solution” to a problem or need, not just another piece of equipment which may not integrate into a larger picture.
Collectively and currently, eCore Energy and its Strategic Partners are involved in over ten worldwide sustainable and renewable large scale energy projects worldwide, totaling over five billion dollars in Green Project Funding.  

The list of eCore’s Strategic Alliances and Partners is growing, because the sustainable and renewable energy markets are expanding with evolving technologies, and Customers are seeking a full and complete “total solution” to the problems confronting them. eCore is positioned in the Energy Storage and Management Technology sector to lead the industry in providing a “one-stop-shop” approach for delivering a Total Sustainable Solution for each of its Customers.  

eCore EnergySustainable SolutionsTechnology PartnersVisionary LeadershipConnect with eCore