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Delivering eCore’s revolutionary technology to the world would not be possible without an extraordinary leadership team.

Below are the people who ensure that our technology is always cutting edge and reliable, that our company is operationally and financially sound, that the world at large is aware of our abilities and solutions, and that we deliver on all our promises to our Customers.
Mr. Timothy Smith; Executive Vice President of Global Operations: Mr. Smith has over twenty-five years of international experience as a Business Development and Operations executive for DuPont, Asia - a Fortune 50 Company. Mr. Smith was in charge of Strategic Development and execution of global market penetration strategies, direct foreign investment negotiations, construction leadership, technology transfers, and start-up and operations management of semiconductor manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Shanghai, China, and Singapore. In addition, Mr. Smith oversaw the successful acquisitions of businesses in Taiwan and South Korea, as well as the development of distribution and supply channels in eight Asian countries.  

Mr. Smith, who is trilingual, has lived in five (5) Asian countries and holds resident status in Taiwan. He is an active board member of the Southern California Hong Kong Association. His cultural sensitivity, collaborative leadership style, and solutions-based approach to a customer’s requirements will enable eCore Energy™ to profitably expand its global footprint.

Richard Cunningham; Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Cunningham served honorably in the United States Navy Reserves and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Mr. Cunningham has had a long and illustrious career as a successful Operations executive in both Southern and Northern Nevada, and has worked with Mr. Parker for over twelve (12) years.  

As a Dale Carnegie Sales Training graduate, Mr. Cunningham brings to eCore Energy™ his passion for developing inspired employees, his drive to deliver operational efficiency, and his ability to manage all expectations while exceeding margins of profitability. Mr. Cunningham enjoys building camaraderie by treating people with respect and compassion, which is the foundation for the successful daily operations of eCore Energy™.

Mr. Ha Ryong (Justin) Lee; Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Lee, who is fluent in over three languages, engineered and wrote the current Patent by which eCore Energy™ produces its innovative storage and management technology. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering from In Ha University, Inchon, Korea. 

Mr. Lee has spent his engineering career specializing in product development, design and systems integration advancements, electronic reliability testing, and producing quality control systems for massive component production plants (300 million pieces per month) utilizing 6 Sigma Control Systems.  

Mr. Lee has already developed two additional Patents for eCore Energy™. Mr. Lee, who is also an owner in eCore, is charged with delivering strategic and innovative technological advancements to all of eCore’s products, designs and Energy Storage and Management Solutions.

Mr. Jose Villalvazo; Director of Electrical Engineering:  Mr. Villalvazo received an Associate of Science Degree in Electronics & Engineering from ITT Technical Institute. Mr. Villalvazo has been the electrical engineer, overseeing the assembly, quality assurance and integration engineering of eCore’s Energy Storage and Management Solutions for over 14 years. 

Mr. Villalvazo understands that producing an innovative and cost effective energy storage technology is critical to both the success of eCore Energy™ and the solution for so many industries needing Intelligent, Integrated, and Interactive storage systems. Mr. Villalvazo is charged with designing and producing the electronic control boards that manage eCore’s Energy Storage Solutions.

Mr. Chi To So; Director of Design Engineering:  Mr. So received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California. Mr. So has significantly improved the production capacity, operational efficiency and eCore’s capacity to design new and innovative storage solutions. By creating CAD designs and cataloging design solutions, eCore Energy™ is able to lower its production and assembly costs while providing both the company and its customers with precise detailed 3D customized Solutions.  

Ms Faride Sisniega; Executive Vice President of Sales: Ms Sisniega is a very successful California Licensed Contractor, PV Solar Integrator and Contractor, and a very accomplished international entrepreneur. She has worked for eCore for over seven years and is singularly responsible for eCore’s worldwide growth. Though she is self-taught and self-made, no one understands the benefits and applications for eCore’s unique technology better than Ms. Sisniega. In addition to being eCore’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, Ms Sisniega has companies in both the United States and Mexico that designs and builds residential and commercial energy independent and sustainable energy efficient Solutions. Her companies are strategic to eCore as they custom engineer each Solution utilizing the most innovative Clean and Green technologies in the world, starting with eCore’s Energy Storage and Management technology as the foundation for each design.  

Mr. JS Parker; Managing Director: Mr. Parker is a leader in environmental stewardship and understands how to create efficient and sustainable “clean and green” energy solutions that utilize eCore’s Energy Storage and Management technology as a foundation for its custom engineered Total Sustainable Solutions.  

Mr. Parker, a pioneering visionary, started the first “green” radio talk show in the nation, The Green Energy Show, sat on the first Renewable Energy Task Force in the State of Nevada, and has created several Strategic Partnerships with state-of-the-art and revolutionary renewable and sustainable technologies.  

Mr. Parker, an entrepreneur, has thirty-five (35) plus years of experience providing executive management in land acquisition and development, commercial and residential construction, and manufacturing energy efficient building products. Mr. Parker’s knowledge of international negotiations, implementing business financial strategies, experience in practical “problem solving,” and analyzing energy efficiency solutions in the sustainable environmental and renewable energy sectors will help bring success to eCore Energy™.  

eCore EnergySustainable SolutionsTechnology PartnersVisionary LeadershipConnect with eCore

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