Sustainable Solutions
Our drive is to provide Total fully customized Sustainable Solutions for all energy storage and management issues. Where the need exists we can provide complete systems that not only store but also generate energy. 
eCore's Energy Storage and Management Solutions are fully scalable and customizable, utilizing the Exclusive Technology by Mr. Ha Ryong (Justin) Lee, owner of Engineered Clean Energy and Chief Engineering Officer of eCore Energy.

Mr. Lee's patented 3-D CoreFlow wiring technology gives eCore Energy a distinct advantage in the energy storage and management marketplace. Replacing old lead acid based technology with a one-of-a-kind engineered CoreFlow Solution that can store and distribute energy without overheating, while removing toxic and hazardous lead acid batteries from the environment.
eCore Energy's custom engineered solutions are 'clean and green' and fully recyclable. They are one tenth the size and weight of their lead acid equivalent, as well as being 'hot swapable', meaning individual Cores can be replaced without any downtime.

In addition, eCore Energy is developing a unique and innovative Control and Management Software to be integrated into its intelligent and interactive proprietary Battery Management System 'BMS', allowing for remote control and management of all installed solutions, for Operations, Emergency and Demand Response Management, and Maintenance and Warranty cost effectiveness.

When we provide our potential customers like SoftBank, formerly Ericsson Communications, with a Pricing Proposal, we also provide an ROI Analysis, which breaks down the 'Pay Back' period and Return on Investment, highlighting the tremendous Cost Savings each customer receives by switching to eCore's Energy Storage and Management Solutions.

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eCore Energy

eCore EnergySustainable SolutionsTechnology PartnersVisionary LeadershipConnect with eCore